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Cairns Neurophysiology offers a variety of high quality, specialized neurodiagnostic tests. We take pride in the delivery of service and aim to assist you in the treatment for patients as much as we can.

Tests can be booked via phoning our offices (07) 4049 2105 or mobile 0410 466 842, so we can allocate a suitable time, or sending a referral. Please note, we do require a referral for all investigations, which can be in letter format outlining appropriate clinical history, or one of our specialized referrals can be utilized.

Referrals will be assessed and triages in order of medical urgency. If a patient requires an earlier appointment due to clinical urgency, arrangements will be made to facilitate where we are able to, including offering out of hours’ appointments.

Results will be sent to your clinic, and any other requested physician, in a timely manner. Each patient receives an SMS once report has been sent.

Neurodiagnostic tests that we offer

  • Electroencephalograms for adults & paediatrics (including neonates)
    • Routine EEG’s
    • Sleep Deprived EEG’s
    • Prolonged video monitoring EEG’s
    • Ambulatory EEGs
  • Nerve Conduction Studies
  • Electromyography

Cairns Neuro Referral Form

Please fax referrals to our offices on (07) 4276 1867. We ensure referrals are received and reviewed prior to patients’ appointments to ensure they are booked appropriately. Additional referral guidelines are also provided on this site, for your convenience.

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