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Appointments can be scheduled by phoning our offices to arrange an appropriate study. Date of birth and referring doctor information is obtained, so that if a referral hasn’t been received we are able to call and have it resent to our offices for triage. Once referral is received by our offices, and reviewed, we ensure the appointment is appropriate and send out all the appointment information via email or postal.

All appointments require a referral from a GP or specialist.

There is a cancellation list for those wishing for earlier appointments.

Last minute cancellation fees apply for cancellations made within 24 hours, if the allocated appointment cannot be filled which is $35. If you fail to attend a confirmed appointment without prior notice, a $75 fee applies.

1-2 days prior to your appointment we will send out a SMS confirmation, to which you can confirm, cancel or reschedule accordingly. Alternatively we also call for those without mobile phones, or those who haven’t replied. This will enable us to give your appointment to another patient.


All reports are sent to your referring practitioner as well as any specialist you request. You may obtain a copy of your report, however due to security reasons and clinical reasons it is best to get this copy from your referring doctor.

You will receive a courtesy call or courtesy SMS to advise once reports have been sent to relevant physicians. It is still advisable to call prior to your appointment with them to ensure they have received it.

NCS and EMG reports generally take 1-3 days and EEG reports generally take 5-10 days. Urgent reports may be prioritised and processed accordingly.


General enquiries are accepted via email and responded to accordingly. Referrals and reports may be emailed if other electronic secure means have failed however secure messaging is much preferred.

Out of consultation requests

There is very limited time for specialists to complete tasks outside time allocated for testing, as such there is a fee for the additional work required which may be related to reproducing reports, copying EEG data, and processing paper work for legal or insurance matters.

Fees are as follows and require payment before processing:

  • Additional copies of past results older than 12 months: $10.00
  • Digital replication of EEG: $15*

*A CD of the EEG data may be requested by another Neurologist, if this is the case a $15 fee applies and consent to release digital data will need to be signed. This also acknowledges that once copied to a CD the data is no longer secure.

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